10 Reasons to Choose a Caterer for a Birthday Party

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No matter how old you are, birthdays are the occasion you always look forward to in a year. Birthdays are a celebration of a person’s life and should be cherished as a special moment. To make it more special, we throw amazing birthday parties. But while party decorations and favours add colour to the birthday party, food is perhaps the most important thing to consider.

Good food gives more life to the party. As the host of the party, you would want the food to be memorable for your guests. However, planning your birthday party can get overwhelming. Add the meal preparations on your plate and it can be a recipe for disaster.

Luckily, there is a reliable birthday party catering Newcastle provider near you! We at Chardonnay Catering strive to provide a seamless birthday party catering in Maitland and Newcastle.

10 Reasons to Choose a Caterer for a Birthday Party | Caterer

10 practical reasons to hire a Newcastle birthday caterer

If you choose to utilise catering services for your birthday party, you will have fewer things to worry about! Here are ten reasons why you should hire a caterer for your or a loved one’s birthday party.

1.      Top-notch food menus

Good quality food is difficult to plan, prepare, and serve, especially in large amounts. The tastes and preferences of each individual is what makes this a challenge. If you ensure top-notch quality of your food, you will definitely appeal to the majority of your guests. Moreover, your guests would love to choose whatever food they prefer. Choosing a trusted birthday party caterer ensures you are able to provide these high-quality food menu options.

2.      Amazing food presentation

High-quality food is not enough. The food should also look as good as they taste, especially now in the advent of photo-sharing apps. As they say, we first eat with our eyes before we eat with our mouths. Food, therefore, should be expertly served to satisfy our appetites and make the meals a lot more enjoyable.

The best way to have amazing food presentations is by hiring experts in the field. This way, you’ll be assured that the food presented at your party is not only enjoyable but also Instagram-worthy.

3.      Save time and effort to cook and serve

Doing all the work by yourself is a pain, especially when it comes to food preparations. But if you hire birthday party catering services, all this work will be lifted from your shoulders. The caterers will shop for the ingredients, ensuring that there will be enough food for all your guests. They will also cook the meals for you, so you would not have to do it yourself. Likewise, the caterers will serve the food for you and your guests. As such, you can focus on the most vital thing: to enjoy the day.

4.      Minimise food wastes

Imagine all the time, money, and effort spent on preparing and making that food, only to see some of it go to waste. Dealing with leftover food is a problem that most hosts face at the end of birthday parties.

To prevent all these food wastes, we should consider the number of guests going to your party. The expert caterers know how to estimate the amount of food you need. You only have to inform the estimated number of guests in advance, and they will provide enough food to satisfy everyone.

5.      Negotiable menu planning

You probably have a theme or some preferences for your food. Some guests may also have specific allergies or dietary restrictions that you need to consider. Let’s not forget about your birthday cake, too! All of these considerations fall under menu planning, and their preperation is as stressful as they sound. When you hire professional birthday catering services, you can sit down and better discuss these menu plans.

6.      Worry-free food service

Foodservice may seem like an easy task, but it takes more effort to provide satisfaction to your guests. If you hire a birthday catering in Newcastle, you will not have to worry about serving all the food. Whether you choose buffet-style or have the food served directly at the tables, you’ll surely have fewer things to worry about.

7.      Passionate chefs

The secret behind amazing food lies in the person who prepares them. Some chefs and cooks do the cooking just for the sake of it, and this has significant effect on the quality of the food. Only chefs who are passionate about their craft give an extra effort in the food they prepare.

Sure, many chefs can be passionate when they prepare small amounts of food. But only expert catering chefs maintain a high level of commitment and passion when cooking large batches of food. This reflects also in the quality and taste of the food prepared.

8.      Hospitable food servers

Likewise, the best foodservice relies on the best food servers. When you hire a caterer, they will appoint highly-trained food servers to make your party run smoothly. These skilled food servers are responsive enough to cater to all the needs of your guests. They should be warm and friendly to keep in line with the enjoyment as you celebrate your birthday.

9.      Professional service

Good food, proper planning, and calibre service should go hand in hand. When you hire a certified birthday party catering service, you will get all these professionally made for you. These professional caterers provide you with authentic and hygienic meals at a reasonable price.

10.  Unforgettable experience!

A fun and pleasant atmosphere is a major part of a memorable dining experience. To help make your birthday party unforgettable, you need to hire professional caterers who are easy to work with. With a good working relationship, we can make both ends meet. This way, we won’t only meet your birthday expectations, but surpass them.

Make your birthdays memorable with good food! Contact Chardonnay Catering Newcastle and Maitland today!

10 Reasons to Choose a Caterer for a Birthday Party | Caterer

Contact Chardonnay Catering for your Maitland and Newcastle birthday catering needs

More than just good food, Chardonnay Catering offers memorable experiences you will treasure on your special day. With over 30 years of service, we are a team of professional and expert catering Newcastle and Maitland has ever seen. Call us now at 0400 466 222 or send us an email at info@chardonnaycatering.com.au, and let’s plan the most amazing birthday party of your life!

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