Catering Trends of 2020

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Special milestones in life, such as weddings, birthdays, and anniversaries, call for a celebration. They are more than just your simple events; they are special moments that you cherish for the rest of your lives.

Moreover, you may want to leave an impression not only for yourself but also for your loved ones. Beyond the picturesque venues, the best way to leave an impression on your valued guests is through food. That said, wedding catering Newcastle is the cornerstone of such special occasions in the area.

Wedding catering Maitland and Newcastle have evolved so much over the years. Before, it was enough to satisfy the taste buds and stomachs of your guests. Over the years, the catering industry has stepped up to become what it is today. Moving forward, are you ready to keep up with the current catering trends for 2020? Here’s what’s all the rage in wedding catering in Newcastle for 2020.

Catering Trends of 2020 | catering

Cultural and specially-themed cuisine

Food can bring you to different places by travelling with your tastebuds. Your guests can enjoy a cultural adventure by catering to food from a specific cuisine. This is a brilliant idea especially if your guests have travelled to grace your event. You can feature locally grown ingredients or hire local chefs to highlight the taste in your venue.

Aside from featuring local cuisine, the latest trend in wedding catering Newcastle, this 2020, includes a culinary adventure with sightseeing on the side and private sessions with your local cultural experts. It will surely give you and your guests a celebration to remember.

Interactive food options

To add a personal touch and to allow your guests to experience the food fully, you can go for interactive food options. It will give your guests a sense of control, and they can go around trying different food samples.

It could be a cheese and cold cuts table, a station of the couple’s favourite foods like freshly made paella, or a sure crowd pleaser like do-it-yourself tacos. Food trucks and food stations have already made their presence felt in the wedding catering Maitland and Newcastle industry. Still, they will surely be a hit this 2020.

Economical costs

Despite the improving quality and increasing availability of extensive options, the cost of catering continues to be stable, if not, getting more economical. A lot of foodies have made their way into the catering industry through social media such as Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

Catering prices remain affordable because the competition is tight. Innovation is a must for restaurateurs and chefs, so you are sure to stumble upon the latest wedding catering Maitland trends this year for an economical cost. You can expect to enjoy high quality catered foods at a low cost this 2020.

Catering Trends of 2020 | catering

Relaxed seating for everyone

Gone are the days where guest seating plans and table place cards are the things you have to stress about before your big day. The newest trend for catering Maitland seating this 2020 is a more relaxed and casual vibe. Formal, individual chairs are a thing for old wedding photos.

Today’s generation prefers benches, floor cushions, palettes, carpets and crates, where your guests can sit comfortably while enjoying their food. Indeed, they can have fun without worrying about having to be prim and proper in their designated seats.

Going green

People nowadays are becoming more conscious of their food choices. Healthy living is not only done or personal reasons, but also for the environment. Today, there are different sorts of diets on the rise. A lot of people practice a vegan diet, keto-free, gluten-free diet, and more.

As a party host, you must also be sensitive to your guest’s food preferences. That is why environmentally friendly and healthier food options are now available for wedding catering. Newcastle and Maitland are home to not only the great Aussie BBQ but also fresh and healthy food.

More dessert choices!

While many Aussies choose to live a healthier lifestyle, desserts remain as the cherry-on-top of a catering event. There is no better way to end your meal than the satisfaction you get from a wonderful dessert.

Aside from their delectable tastes, desserts are visually appealing. Once you get a hold of one, you will surely go back for more! A wide range of dessert options would include sweet and savoury varieties. This alternative is a delight to both those with a sweet-tooth and the health-conscious. What a wonderful way to celebrate together!

Catering Trends of 2020 | catering

Alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages?

Contrary to what many expect, numerous young adults are drinking less than the older generations did. It may be due to an increase in restrictive policies or public health concerns. Either way, not everyone prefers drinking alcohol, wines, and maybe even cocktails.

On the other hand, some people look for alcoholic drinks at these celebrations. Wouldn’t it be lame if you didn’t have any alcoholic beverages at your special event? With these concerns in mind, many event hosts and planners consider getting both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.

Lighter meals, stronger relationships

These special events and caterings are more than just about the food itself. It is also about building relationships that will last a lifetime. Gone are those expensive catering services with heavy entrees you cannot even digest.

If you want your food to be remarkable, then lighter meals are your best bet. Avoiding foods that will easily fill you up, allows you to enjoy and savour the moment. Small portions of food are an excellent way for everyone to focus on mingling with each other.

Instagram-worthy food art

Coincidentally, 2020 is the year where we want our special moments to be visually appealing. With the rise of popular image-based social media, satisfying the eyes is as important as satisfying the tongue. Social media is our generation’s way of sharing our food experience with the world. Making sure that the food presentation is Instagram-mable is a good way to make it memorable.

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