Blacksmiths Catering & Function Venue

Swansea Belmont Surf Club

About Swansea Belmont Surf Club

A Fantastic location situated on Blacksmiths Beach. The Swansea Belmont Surf Club is a fantastic catering location for your friends and family on your special day. Enjoy great food, beautiful views and a fresh sea breeze. 

The main goal of this catering venue is to keep you entertained and provide you with a high quality facility in which you are going to love!

If you are looking to book the Swansea Belmont Surf Club you can give them a call at 0459 443 320 or call Brett at 0400 466 222

About Blacksmiths Beach

Blacksmiths Beach is a stunningly beautiful beach at the southern end of a sandy nine mile stretch of Newcastle/Lake Macquarie’s coastline. It’s contains a breakwall, which acts as the border between the beach itself and the Swansea Channel. Blacksmiths beach is the ideal location to relax and unwind with a fantastic view.

Also, the location is popular for surfers and swimmers alike! Blacksmiths beach is the proud home of the popular Swansea Belmont Surf Life Saving Club, in which contains a fantastic and versatile function room. Come enjoy everything that this fantastic beach has to offer.

Swansea Belmont Surf Club Venue, Chardonnay Catering Services
Swansea Belmont Surf Club Venue, Chardonnay Catering Services