Blacksmiths Catering & Function Venue

- Swansea Belmont Surf Club -

A Fantastic location situated on Blacksmiths Beach. The Swansea Belmont Surf Club is a fantastic catering location for your friends and family on your special day. Enjoy great food, beautiful views and a fresh sea breeze. 

The main goal of this venue is to keep you entertained and provide you with a high quality facility in which you are going to love!

If you are looking to book the Swansea Belmont Surf Club you can give them a call at 0459 443 320or call Brett at 0400 466 222

Blacksmiths Beach

Blacksmiths Beach is a stunningly beautiful beach at the southern end of a sandy nine mile stretch of Newcastle/Lake Macquarie’s coastline. It’s contains a breakwall, which acts as the border between the beach itself and the Swansea Channel. Blacksmiths beach is the ideal location to relax and unwind with a fantastic view.

Also, the location is popular for surfers and swimmers alike! Blacksmiths beach is the proud home of the popular Swansea Belmont Surf Life Saving Club, in which contains a fantastic and versatile function room. Come enjoy everything that this fantastic beach has to offer.