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Tomago House

About Tomago House

Tomage House Venue is a beautiful Victoria-style home built in 1840. Containing luxury verandas and cool cellars. The house is surrounded by farm landing, making it perfect venues for an outdoor wedding or event.

The location is 6 acres across with stunning views, marquees may be set up outside giving you more space for a larger party. Get some amazing photos amongst the architecture, the nineteenth century pleasure gardens & the heritage old chapel.

Tomago House is well maintained and a popular location for a lot of weddings or private viewings.

Call them today at 4964 8123 or contact Brett from Chardonnay Catering at 0400 466 222

About Tomago

Tomago meaning “sweet water” in the local Aboriginal language is a beautiful sceneic agricultural landscape with the Hunter River flowing nearby. Tomago is surrounded by swamp land and mangroves with alot of luscious green trees. The area is primarily flat, making it the perfect location for a picnic.

Visit Tomago today to experience the serene beauty that the suburb has to offer.

Tomago House Venue, Chardonnay Catering Newcastle
Tomago House Venue, Chardonnay Catering Newcastle