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Food is the universal language of the world. For centuries, food has brought people and cultures together and it hasn’t changed even today. Food plays a very important role in celebrations like birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and so on. However, preparation and presentation of food has become a very formal, specialised, and much sought after skill. It is called Food and Catering service. These days, you can simply hire a catering service to host a social event for you. They do everything for you; right from decorations to creating the menu, preparing food, and serving it to your guests while you relax and partake in the festivities.

What is a Catering Service?

Catering is the fine art of preparing and serving food. In addition, provision of infrastructure like tables, chairs, music, cutlery, napkins and so on are also provided by the catering service. A catering service is not just judged by the food it prepares but the overall experience of serving and entertaining the guests.

A professional caterer will help you finalise the menu, cook and present the food as per your choice, serve drinks, decorate the venue, and also help with the cleaning once the party is over. The biggest advantage of using a catering service is mobility. With a catering service, you are not limited to just a restaurant or hotel. Instead, you have the choice of an indoor or outdoor location at an exotic venue.

Over the years, as the food preferences changed and consumers started demanding more variety and offerings for their functions, the catering companies have transformed themselves from not just providers of deliciously cooked meals but also complete packages of food, service, and entertainment.

When Would You Need a Professional Catering Service?

If you are planning an event for 10-15 people, you may not necessarily need a caterer. Your own food and hosting skills can take care of things. However, on a bigger scale where the number of guests ranges from 50-100, hiring a catering service is a good idea. In large gatherings, there are a lot of things other than food that require attention. Hence, delegating food and catering to a professional helps matters to a large extent. Professional catering services bring a lot of skill and experience to the table and can provide your guests with an amazing experience.

How To Find A Caterer

  • Refer to the yellow pages or any other directory looking for the names and contact information of the leading caterers in your area. You can also ask your friends or colleagues for references if they have hired a caterer in the recent past.
  • Make a trip to the nearby hotels, restaurants and clubs. They are very likely to either have their own professional caterer or will guide you in the right direction.
  • Usually, the event management companies have several good catering services in their contact list, You can consult them about getting in touch with one.

What Can A Catering Service Do For Me?

  • Create an excellent menu: A well-laid out food menu provides a glance into the number and variety of food items available in your event. The caterer can help you choose the right dishes, bring in different cuisines and variety into the mix, add specialised food items such as gluten-free, organic, or food prepared from local ingredients and present it in a way that it looks like a feast fit for a king.
  • Arrange the necessary infrastructure: With a caterer by your side, you would not need to worry about chairs, tables, cutlery, napkins or decorations. A catering service will take care of all that for you.
  • Professional setup, decorations and overall presentation: Partaking in the food is only a part of the experience. When the guests enter the venue, the way it is decorated and presented leaves the first and lasting impression on them. The layout of the chairs and tables, food, presentation of cutlery on each of the tables, the uniform of the servers, the courtesy and warmth with which they welcome and serve the guests is what makes the whole experience complete. Only a professional catering service can provide it.
  • Save Time: The most obvious advantage of hiring a catering service is the fact that you save a lot of time and energy running after things that are best left to a professional catering service. That way, you will able to focus on other important things such as working on invitations, selecting and finalising the venue, selecting the entertainment activities and so on.

Events such as weddings, anniversaries or even simple family gatherings are special. You should make every effort to make everyone feel loved and cared for. You cannot do it if your mind is preoccupied with a hundred other things. Hiring a professional catering company for your special event is a sensible choice that you will never regret making.  

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