Why Food Tasting is a Must


When you plan for an event and hire professionals for their catering services, more often than not, you ask the caterers to schedule a food tasting before the event. You want to finalise the food and make sure that this one vital decision is not something you will regret doing.

7 reasons to schedule a food tasting session

From private events, charity balls, to wedding celebrations, having a prior tasting planning process is crucial. Here are seven reasons why food tasting is a must.

Why Food Tasting is a Must | food tasting

1. For you to know if the food actually looks, smells, and tastes good.

The primary reason you would want a prior food tasting is to actually see, taste, and experience the food that will be served on your special occasion. It is to make sure that everything is according to your preference and that you will not regret anything when the day of the events finally comes.

Food tasting allows you to consume a small portion of the menu you have chosen for your big day. It gives you an idea of how the food will look, smell, and taste like on the day of your event. It also lets you assess the service you may receive during the event.

Why Food Tasting is a Must | food tasting

2. It will help you understand, customise, and narrow down your options.

Generally, Newcastle and Maitland caterers themselves want clients to select a package first before the actual food tasting and booking. As such, there will be no need to prepare food that the client will not sample.

During the tasting itself, you may tell the caterer which food you loved and which you opt not to include in your menu.  In here, you can personally discuss with the caterer what you think of the list, what is enough, and what is lacking.

You have the power to decide which dishes need tweaking according to your liking. Provide the caterer or chef specific details about what you did and didn’t like in the menu or dish. Everyone has different preferences and ways to please their palates. If something is off with your inclination, ask them if you can change it. Do not be shy and settle for food you aren’t happy with. Just remember to do it politely and with a lot of positive reinforcement. Remember that these people will cook and serve your meals, treat them always with respect.

Why Food Tasting is a Must | food tasting

3. You can discuss key considerations.

You, your family members, or some of your guests may have different food preferences according to their religion. Some religion, like Islam, forbids the consumption of pork. You may ask the caterer to provide these guests with alternate meals with ample varieties of food.

Take also in consideration allergies of some people. Adjustments are necessary, especially if you know who among your guests are allergic to what and which ingredient. Exclude meal options coinciding with allergies of your guests.

Some may also have dietary restrictions – vegetarians, vegans, and people who eat gluten-free must be considered. You want to make sure that your guests can eat, after all. You wouldn’t want your guests to be hungry throughout your special day.

It is always nice to consider the needs of your guests. Not only is this a considerate gesture to your loved ones. It is also an affirmation that they will enjoy their night knowing that they were thought of by the host and the caterer.

Why Food Tasting is a Must | food tasting

4. You can determine which combination of cocktails go with your menu.

Special events such as weddings, for example, require fun options like cocktail bars, among others. You can decide and customise which fun cocktail matches each dish to be served at your event. Ask the caterer or the bartender which mix they highly recommend. Have fun with it and find the ultimate pairings.

5. You will have a quick glimpse of their catering set-up.

Food tasting gives you the chance to have a sneak peek of your caterers and their set-up. You can hands-on look at how they present their food, how they set their tables, and if they provide beautiful table decorations, and so much more.

You can have an overall feel of the vibe your caterer will be giving. You can have a good impression of what they are about. Most probably, the way they treat you during your food tasting will reflect on how they will be during the event day.

6. You can personally inquire with your caterer.

Having a food tasting means that you will be feasting in person on your sample menu. That means that the organiser, caterer or chef will personally be there. It allows you to talk and discuss directly with your caterer. That makes it easier for you to ask your questions and get answers instantly. There will be no need for follow-up questions via email or phone. You can also request additional favours.

Why Food Tasting is a Must | food tasting

7. It develops your relationship with the catering team.

You must have a good relationship with your caterer. It would help if you build trust with the suppliers of your menu.

Food tasting will not only strengthen your bond with your caterer but will also develop a sense of well-communicating ambience. It’s important because you get to create a stress-free environment where you respect each other, which will ultimately help achieve your goals.

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